Ashwood Legends & Hall of Fame List 2015

Over the 30 year history of the Ashwood Football Club there have been some people who have made outstanding contributions both on and off the field.
The Ashwood Legends and Hall of Fame is a way of paying tribute to those who have helped to shape our club into what it is today through their extraordinary actions.

Legends of Ashwood

A Legend displays the following attributes and fits the following criteria
Has gone above and beyond their primary role at the club over an extended period of time.
Has helped shape the core values, ethics and culture of the club.
Personifies attributes such as TRUST, LOYALTY, LONGEVITY and COMMITMENT.
Being a Current Player, Ex Player, Administrator, Coach or Volunteer.
Legends are only promoted from within the Hall of Fame.

1. Cec Kellett
2. Neil Kellett
3. Mick Clohesy Snr.
4. Don Firth
5. Rex Dawe
6. Bill Spaulding
7. Jean-Paul Lefebure

Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame Member displays a number of the following attributes and fits following criteria
Has shown Club loyalty, Club spirit through the giving of their time and effort to the club.
Has achieved 200 plus games of football at the Ashwood Football Club.
Has assisted in creating a club culture through their Leadership, Effort and Community Spirit.
A person who has shown Sportsmanship, Good Character and promoted the Values and Beliefs of the Club.
A Hall of Fame Member can be a current Player, ex Player, Administrator, Coach, Volunteer or Supporter.

1. Paul Reilly
2. Len Thomas
3. Steve McWilliam
4. A.J Higgins
5. Joe Suleman
6. Dean Firth
7. Alan Barwick
8. Richard Loveless
9. Daryl Cox
10. Scott Bayes
11. Jeff Maddicks
12. Paul Armstrong
13. Darryl Fisher
14. Warren Humphreys
15. Paul Clohesy
16. Bryan Mahony
17. Simon Hunt
18. Michael Heanue
19. Ronald Alcock
20. Grant Firth
21. Brent Coleman
22. John Charters
23. Hayden Spaulding
24. Paul Hattersley
25. Gayl Lefebure
26. Bradley Richards
27. Michael Langford
28. Benjamin Giblett
29. John Clarke
30. Steve Castersen