As of June 1st 2020
Training can occur in groups of no more than 20 people as of June 1st. The group of 20 does not include the coach or other support people needed to support the activity.  Two groups of 20 can share the same oval provided they do not operate together.  
       No more than 2 groups of 20 on the same ground.
Training must be strictly NON-CONTACT ie no tackling, bumping, marking contests etc
Social distancing must be observed - 1.5m of space between participants
There is no access to change rooms.
The only equipment allowed is footballs and field marking cones. 
Hygiene protocols will be in place including the cleaning of footballs and sanitizing stations will be available. 
Please do not come to training if you are feeling unwell. 
On arrival at training COVID protocols like one entry to the oval and separate exit gate will be in place
At each training session - the club is required to keep a list of all participants
COVIDSafe App - the club encourages all players, volunteers and supporters to use the app to help trace the steps of the virus
The club is required to have at least one COVID Safe Officer who has completed the Australian government training. 
Players are asked to bring their own drink bottle with their name clearly marked.
All policies directed to the club from the Monash Council, SFNL AND SMJFL will be followed and supported.