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All new members are welcome, anyone looking for a kick next year, please contact Paul Hattersley 0409613471 or info@ashwoodsportsclub.com.au

Training is back next week on Tuesday (19th), Wednesday (20th), Thursday (21st). We will continue to train Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday each week during the preseason. There will be no training on Australia Day l (26th). It's going to be a big year so make sure you get there!

The 3rd quarter address by Senior Coach Michael Rossborough 
in the final game of the season, the Semi Final against Moorabbin.

Ashwood's biggest kick to kick Saturday 15th August.

Saturday Ashwood held its first biggest kick to kick,
And just to let everyone who was involved and kindly donated we raised $283.80 this money is being donated to the Anti Cancer Council on Monday
Thank You