Welcome to the Ashwood Football Club Website

All new members are welcome, anyone looking for a kick next year, please contact Paul Hattersley 0409613471 or info@ashwoodsportsclub.com.au

2015 Training

Training starts back on Monday the 19th of January at 6.00pm and each week will consist of Monday and Wednesday nights along with a skills / set plays night on a Thursday night which will be taken by one of the assistant coaches.

We understand that a few boys have cricket but it is up to you all to get fit and be a chance for round 1.

Bring your sneakers to each training session and meals 
will be available in the club rooms on a Thursday night

NOTE : No training on Monday the 26th ( Australia Day) 

Seniors B & F 

1st Wineberg P. 75
2nd Figas B. 65
3rd Maginness M. 63
4th Smith T. 50

Reserves B & F

1st Ignatenko N 77
2nd Montforte D. 70
3rd Jong A. 38
4th Alford S. 24

Seniors Goal Kickers

32 Chris Meyers 26
35 Josh Stanton 20
2 Paul Wineberg 18

Reserves Goal Kickers

29 James Morrey 18
75 Mark Emmerson 14
9 Tarquin Booth 13